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Casio Calculator DJ 120D PLUS is a desk calculator  with the following distinct features; 

Power Supply

The calculator has two-way power system which provides power even in complete darkness.

Auto Power Off Function

This Calculator is not equipped with an OFF switch. Instead, it switches power off automatically about six minutes after the last key operation is performed. To restore power press AC.

When you press AC, the independent memory contents are not cleared. If the Auto Power Off function turns off power while Review operation is in progress, press AC = to restore power. Doing so returns to the point you were at before power turned off.

About Calculation Steps

The step indicator shows the number of the step currently shown on the display.

A finalize key operation and the result it produces is also a step.

Steps continue to be accumulated in calculation memory until you press the AC key or until 300 steps are accumulated, even if a finalize key is pressed.

Review and GO TO can be used to view only the first 300 steps in calculation memory, even if there are more steps.

Review and GO TO cannot be performed while an error indicator is displayed.

Pressing the AC Key clears all steps from Calculation Memory and restarts the step count from 1.

Finalizing a calculation

Finalizing a calculation means performing a key operation that produces a calculation result. Pressing any of the following keys finalizes a calculation: =, %, M+, M-  

Important Precautions

If you Suspect that the calculator is operating abnormally due to static electrical charge or some other problem press AC/ON to restore normal operation.

Avoid dropping the Calculator and otherwise subjecting it to severe impact.

Never bend or twist the case

Wipe the unit with a soft, dry cloth to clean it.

A low battery can cause the Recheck beep sound to become low volume or stop sounding. If this happens, replace the battery as soon as possible.

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