ADVATECH OFFICE SUPPLIES LIMITED is predominantly a technology company providing office supplies solutions and services in over five countries across Africa.

The company came into existence through the vision of a first generation entrepreneur to provide five core business values: Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity and Responsibility. These values are at the heart of the Organization’s beliefs and convictions since its inception in 2001.

This is a legacy that has earned the company the trust of our Clientele all over East Africa with a worldwide presence of partners who are our suppliers, only few companies can match this.


In a short span of time, it has built an enviable clientele and reputation of trustworthiness miles away. The Company imports from over 15 countries worldwide with a formidable presence in the USA, UK, Japan and Germany. One of our much strength is a combined inventory of Line Items which enables Just-in-Time delivery (JIT). This therefore gives us an edge in competing efficiently and pass on the benefits of cost advantage to our customers.


At Advatech, we believe in ―Integrity with Performance. A substantiation of this is our growth and the base of suppliers and clients.

We are uniquely poised for growth and to this end we leverage the strength of our professional management to achieve the following:

1. Customer Delight: A commitment to surpassing our customer expectations.

2. Leadership by Example: A commitment to set standards in our business dealings and be exemplar for the industry and our own teams.

3. Integrity and Transparency: A commitment to be ethical, sincere and open in our business dealings.

4. Fairness: A commitment to be objective and business-oriented thereby earning trust and respect.

5. Pursuit of Excellence: A commitment to strive relentlessly, to constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products range so as to become the best.



Our Mission is to build relationships based on ―Integrity with Performance‖ and single-minded focus to achieve business objectives.

As corporate procurement procedures are charged with securing products and services of the best quality and the lowest possible cost, their enterprises are counting on them to be much more than just ―order takers. To accomplish that, ADVATECH has developed capabilities in spend intelligence. This takes spend analysis a step further, allowing the business to take what it knows from the spend data it has gathered and use it to act on forward-thinking initiatives. In other words, spend intelligence provides us and our clients with actionable information.


Our Objective

To offer personalized services and enhance excellence in customer care.


Our History


Advatech has its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya with three other branches countrywide. Over time, we’ve grown and expanded to Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Uganda.


Our Products and Services

We provide services, products and IT solutions that assist companies and individuals to meet their goals by giving the best possible service at an affordable price.

Our products range cut across office supplies including; Stationery, laptops, computers, office automation machines, furniture, Cartridges and Toners, digital and CCTv cameras, printers and scanners, mobile phones, Point of sale solutions, Fiscal devices, electronic Tax Register Machines, Biometric devices and IP Phones.  

We also offer document management services such as printing, photocopying, lamination, binding, typing services, design and branding of promotional materials. Our print work is done by modern digital art system technology, which enables us print individual or bulk promotional materials and gift items digitally and in full color.

Our Clients

We are committed in providing high standard products, meeting strict deadlines and giving excellent quality services. Our personalized services have enabled us to serve reputable local and international firms like WORLD BANK, CATHOLIC MEDICAL MISSION BOARD, UNICEF, KWS, UNOPS , IFRC, GERMAN REDCROSS, DANISH REDCROSS, Hammer (K), KRA, USAIDS  just to mention but a few.


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